Come in and create your own blend. The process starts by trying a flight of our wines to identify the 2 – 4 wines you want to blend with. We will assist you with the necessary tools and guidance to easily create blend batches using varying amounts of those wines. Blend batches cost $7 each, and it typically takes customers 2 to 4 batches to identify their preferred blend. Blending sessions take about 1 hour and bottles of your favorite blend cost $35 (multiple bottle discounts apply). Walk-in welcome! Add a custom label to make it even more your own!

Looking for a group activity? 

Try our hands on blending sessions. **Reservations required for hands on blending sessions**

This is an ideal activity for groups and corporate teambuilding exercises. You can bond over your creation process or break into teams and compete for the most popular blend! Event leasing and catering options are available for interested parties, please contact us for details.


Below is the general process that we will take you through to find your perfect blend.

Wine Blending Instructionsblending-session-setup