Whether you choose to buy a bottle of wine from our tap wall, create your own wine blend, or make your own wine in our micro-winery, you will have the option to customize the bottle packaging and personalize the label.


Choose from our styles of the standard 750ml bottles, or for a more impressive appearance choose a magnum (1.5L)  bottle. Special bottle orders can also be made if larger formats or etched bottles are desired.

Flexible Pouches (available Fall 2016)

For times when glass bottles are not desirable (think hiking, camping, beach parties, etc.) we offer 1.5L pouches that are perfect for the active wine drinker. These pouches are far lighter and more durable than glass bottles and can have personalized labels, as well.

Custom Labels and Graphics

Instead of giving someone just a greeting card, put the same message on a bottle of wine! Add a personalized label to any bottle of our wines or any bend! Choose from any of our complimentary pre-made labels, which include your message in printed black ink, or for $8 we will create an entirely custom label including your message and/or photo in full color. Labels can typically be made within minutes while you wait in the store, but larger orders or more complicated designs may take 1 – 2 hours. Label orders are best placed physically in our store but please feel free to contact us if you have something in mind that you might like to order.

This is a perfect way to commemorate a trip, personalize a gift for family, friends and coworkers, or create a branded company gift!